Rebecca Lolosoli visits the ChorusThe Brooklyn Women’s Chorus is a community chorus that was formed in October 1997 by Park Slope resident and musician, Bev Grant. The chorus has a repertoire ranging from South African freedom songs to socially relevant songs by contemporary American songwriters like Garth Brooks, Jackson Browne, Pat Humphries and Bev Grant, herself. Topics range from freedom and justice, to peace, resistance, and women’s labor history.

There are no auditions necessary to join the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus, only a strong desire to sing. It is Bev’s contention that everyone can sing, and the proof is in the rousing performances by the chorus.

The Brooklyn Women’s Chorus communicates with a joyful voice, sure to uplift anyone who hears them.

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Puffin Foundation FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: I Will Sing: Brooklyn Women’s Chorus Performs at The Puffin Saturday, March 21st 8 pm. — Join us for an upbeat evening of music from The Brooklyn Women’s Chorus. Brooklyn musician Bev Grant formed this community chorus in 1997, with the belief that all woman can sing and should have the opportunity to raise their voice in song. Grant has devoted her life to topical songwriting and social activism, and uses her music as a tool in both community and union organizing. In this same spirit, The Brooklyn Women’s Chorus sings for social justice, women’s rights, and in solidarity with those struggling against injustice, violence, and racism. In the past the group has performed in hospitals and at political rallies. There are no auditions to join the chorus—only a strong desire to sing and be heard. Their repertoire ranges from South African freedom songs to socially relevant music by contemporary songwriters like Garth Brooks and Jackson Browne. In 2003, the Chorus recorded a CD entitled “Power of Song,” and return to The Puffin to sing from their newest CD, “I Will Sing.” “I Will Sing” is a recording of a live performance which took place last March at the BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center. At the Puffin, they will perform tracks from this album, including Grant’s original songs and those by Paul Simon, Iris Dement, Woody Guthrie, Pat Humphries, and Jean Rohe. The Chorus will also perform an additional set of music, featuring songs from their first album, and several that they have written or learned in the past year. Join us for this important performance by the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus as they express their collective belief in social justice. This performance is open to the public, and a donation of $10 is encouraged. Reservations are recommended and may be made via email at tix@puffinfoundation.org or by calling 201-836-3499. The Puffin Cultural Forum is located at 20 Puffin Way (off Teaneck Rd.) in Teaneck, New Jersey. BEV GRANT: is a veteran social activist, feminist, and labor singer/songwriter from Park Slope Brooklyn, where she has lived for over 40 years. She is the co-creator of a women's labor history multi-media presentation entitled "We Were There!" and has recorded six albums. Grant has appeared on numerous compilation recordings, including the Grammy-nominated Smithsonian/Folkways "Best of Broadside" album. She is an award winning songwriter, and has used her music as an organizing tool in both community and union organizing, often writing songs for specific issues or campaigns, and facilitating the creation and use of music by others. In 2006, Bev won the Honorary BAXten Arts and Artists in Progress Award.
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  1. Pattie Mackenzie says:

    I am a member of the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago and was reading about the Peace Award at the end of May 2015. That lead me to the Brooklyn Women’s Chorus. What a delightful page with uplifting music and videos. It reminds me why I’m in the US. My family came from Canada where both Mom and Dad were in barbershop choruses and quartets. I miss singing with other women! But to have an ethical perspective for your voices is even more encouraging and inspirational. It’s time for more of what makes us humans!

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